January 13, 2016 @ 13:53

AURYN Mining Chile SpA is pleased to announce the completion of environmental and water monitoring at Caren-Merlin-Fortuna area in the Altos de Lipangue Project.


  • Environmental, archeological, mining liability data and water samples were collected.
  • Over 400 hectares were examined by renowned consultancy company.
  • Positive results for all surveys were obtained.

The initiative of the company demonstrates the proven compromise by the company to support the sustained and responsible exploration and exploitation. Therefore, AURYN Mining Chile SpA decided to evaluate the environmental status previous to the next drilling exploration and early production in the Caren-Merlin-Fortuna area located in the Altos de Lipangue Project.

The environmental survey in Caren-Merlin-Fortuna area was executed by the renowned private consultancy IAL Ambiental INERCO based in Santiago, Chile.

Very important data of fauna, flora, archaeology and old mining liability was collected in view to define further exploration and exploitation works in the area, with the concern of minimizing their impact.

The AURYN Mining Chile SpA exploration and exploitation teams will follow special attention in recommendations proposed by the consultant company for the next platforms construction, drilling activities and early production opportunities.

In addition to environmental survey, water samples were collected by the IAL Ambiental INERCO crew, the samples sites were located in three (3) strategical points:

1) Small stream in the central sector of the area involved.
2) At the entrance of an adit in the old Fortuna de Lampa Mine. The sample was collected specifically in the underground water outflow from the adit.

3) Downstream from the project, in a small stream located in the access road of the project.

The results obtained in the samples presents good quality for streams, and some alterations in sulphates and manganese values for underground waters.

AURYN Mining Chile SpA will maintain a follow up to water quality with continuous sampling in different seasons.

. Location of Environmental survey and water samples collected

Figure 1. Location of Environmental survey and water samples collected.