Isac Burstein

Isac Burstein is a highly skilled and experienced exploration and mining business development professional with extensive industry and financial institution contacts. He holds a BSc in Geological Engineering from Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria in Peru, an MSc from the University of Missouri in Columbia, and an MBA from Purdue University.

Throughout his career, Isac has gained experience and contacts in Peru, the US (Nevada, Idaho & Arizona), Canada (BC & Ontario), Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil & Guyana, and has knowledge of different geologic environments and ore deposit types, from high sulfidation and porphyry deposits to epithermal veins, VMS, Carbonate hosted deposits, rare earth, etc. He has been involved in early-stage exploration from staking to drilling and deposit delineation, and has been involved in four discoveries that became operating mines.

Isac is fluent in English and Spanish and has a strong skill set in negotiating and structuring deals, including drafting initial documentation, evaluating mining investment opportunities in different stages of development, M&A target selection and screening, financial modeling and valuation, and technical due diligence, including designing due diligence key workflows and managing multidisciplinary teams.

Currently, Isac is serving as the Vice President of Business Development and Exploration at Hochschild Mining, where he has implemented an exploration strategy based on earn-in JVs and outsourcing most of the work to partners. Additionally, he has optioned and structured earn-in JVs for ~20 projects in the past six years, including selecting the targets and structuring and negotiating the deals. He has also served as a board member for Skeena Resources and Gold Resources, and has held various positions at Hochschild Mining, including Vice President of Business Development and Exploration, Project Evaluation Manager, and Exploration Manager in Mexico and Argentina.