December 30, 2014 @ 10:44

AURYN Mining Chile SpA is pleased to announce that today December 30th 2014, it has received confirmation of the acceptance of the Joint Venture proposal sent to LDM/NUOCO for its Las Dos Marias and Mambo properties.

Contract is set to be signed on January 12th 2015 in Santiago, Chile.

A review of existing data and geological field work will start as soon as the agreement is signed in order to plan drill programs to test the properties.

AURYN Mining Chile SpA is thrilled to have the opportunity to add these properties to its flagship Altos de Lipangue project.
The expanded property position will allow for an integrated approach to explore the plateau for economically viable polymetallic deposits using a variety of models ranging from high grade veins, breccias and skarns to the large porphyry and IOCG types. AURYN Mining Chile SpA expects to fully prove the property on a much larger spectrum.