October 28, 2014 @ 16:47

The Gordon Breccia has been tested by 18 drill holes that were completed in 1999 – 2000. The breccia trends approximately east – west along a fault that has off-set the approximately north – south trending contact between Lower Cretaceous andesite porphyry volcanics and an Upper Cretaceous granodiorite intrusive. The breccia is within the granodiorite intrusive in the hangingwall of the -60° south dipping fault and has been traced along strike by geophysics for aproximately 450 meters. The historical drilling was completed in an irregular pattern of 50 and 100 meter step outs along approximately 200 meters of strike length and to a maximum vertical depth of 375 meters.

AURYN Mining Chile SpA present drill program has three principal objectives:

– To extend the size of the gold-rich upper portion of breccia.
– To test the copper-rich lower portion of the breccia.
– To follow it down-dip in search of a potential underlying porphyry copper – gold deposit.

The drilling began on October 2nd, 2014 and to date (Oct. 28th) three holes have been completed and a fourth is in progress (see Drill Hole Plan). The first three holes were tests of the gold zone and the fourth is the first in a series of deeper holes to test the copper zone at depth. The plan is to take advantage of the mix of short gold zone holes and long copper zone holes to allow time to receive assay results to help guide the drill sequence. The attached Drill Hole Plan also shows the drill pads that have been prepared to date.

The Summary Logs of the first three drill holes (L14-19, 20 & 21) will be posted shortly. The assay results and corresponding drill sections will be posted sequentially as the assays are received from the lab.